Why (real estate)?

To take any meaningful action, you need a meaningful Why. Without it, you either won’t get started or you won’t follow through. I’ve found that Why can (and will) change as you charge through life, but the more clarity you have on it in the present moment, the better off you are!

Meaningful contribution, community and freedom are my Why. I want the ability to live, travel, and play where and when I want to. I want to contribute to my local and global community, and share incredible experiences with the awesome people I love. Real estate is a fantastic vehicle for my Why, hence my enthusiasm around the topic!

I also did not want to reinvent the wheel. I’m massively grateful to have had the life experiences that I’ve had, and to have met awesome people along the way. Through my 20s (I’m 30 now), I have increasingly modelled my life decisions around those that I admire. There are patterns among those that I view as successful ie. loving families, strong friendships, careers they enjoy, and financial abundance. Two such patterns that I was particularly drawn to included self-employment / business ownership and real estate holdings.

While in business school completing my MBA another simple pattern emerged – I like other people in the Real Estate industry. I entered my program not knowing precisely what stream I wanted to specialize in, but as I attended lectures and met fellow students I became increasingly discouraged. I was not particularly passionate about any topics that my core required classes taught – accounting, finance, organizational behaviour, marketing… blegh. Then I sat in on a Real Property event, and the alumni and current students had a spark that I hadn’t found elsewhere. They were passionate about their work, they were vibrant and driven, many had a great sense of humour! I found my people. Of course, there were some exceptions, but for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed my classmates and colleagues.

With Real Estate, I can surround myself with people I enjoy, build (semi) passive income, and create something valuable in the process. With my rental properties, I strive to contribute to my neighbourhood with clean beautiful designs, and placing quality tenants in my homes. I have tenants that plant and tend gardens, decorate for the holidays, and chat with their neighbours. ‘Pride of Rentership’ is not only possible, it’s a reality.

As my Why refines itself, I’m certain my business will evolve as well. But for now, I will continue to make decisions based on my Why(s) – contribution, community and freedom.

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